ITWorld Article: Open source jobs: What's hot, where to look, what to learn

Check out this interesting article on ITWorld about open source jobs:

Open Source Jobs: What's Hot and Where to Look

Embedded Linux Primer Second Edition

Well it's finally done. The second edition of Embedded Linux Primer was completed last month, and should be on store shelves by mid-November 2010. It's already listed on

Thanks to all those who supported the 1st edition.

Calling All Radio Amateurs

I recently revived a life-long hobby. I was first licensed as a Ham Radio operator in December of 1972, a few weeks after my 13th birthday. Then, as now, I loved to tinker with electronics and build stuff from scratch. I earned my Amateur Extra license at age 16, and still use that call today: K1AY. I was licensed as DA1WD during the three years that I lived near Munich, Germany as a United States Army technical specialist.

Embedded Linux Training

This is a placeholder for information related to Embedded Linux training.

I am considering developing a series of training "webinars" having general interest to embedded Linux developers. My current thinking is to start with short howto series, with examples of flash layout, MTD configuration, multi-media application usage, performance tuning, debugging, fast boot, and many other topics. These would be presentation-style, with audio and slide-ware, each maybe 45 minutes in length, covering single topics of interest.

Tips for new visitors

Thanks for visiting my site. If you have purchased a copy of my new book "Embedded Linux Primer" please send me e-mail with any comments you might have, good or bad. Thanks!

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There are several things you can do here.


Interesting Lightweight Display Manager

I've been meaning to learn more about the technologies and packages available for general embedded gui development. This is just a note to myself to remember to check out LXDM:

Profiling I/O

Great article/summary of tools and methods for discovering i/o bottlenecks. Now I just need to find time to learn and experiment with some of them.

Performance Benchmarks

Here's a short list of some useful and interesting performance benchmarks used in Linux:


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